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Winuthayanon Lab Lab Overview

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Welcome to Winuthayanon Laboratory

Our Research on Sex Steroid Hormones & Female Reproductive Biology

Multiple types of cells in that female reproductive tract work in concert to provide an optimal microenvironment for gametes (eggs and sperm) and embryos to establish a successful pregnancy. At Winuthayanon Lab, we focus on studying how ovarian steroid hormones (estrogen and progesterone) affect fertility during sperm migration, fertilization, embryo development, and embryo transport within the female reproductive tract. We use genetic-engineered mouse models to dissect the molecular mechanisms and functional requirement of estrogen and progesterone signals through their classical nuclear receptors (estrogen receptor; ESR1 and progesterone receptor; PGR) during early pregnancy. Our research aims to provide fundamental knowledge in reproductive biology during early pregnancy as well as potential contraceptive targets for women and therapeutic approaches for infertility in humans.

All of our single-cell RNA (scRNA)-seq data are deposited at 

Please visit to search for your favorite genes in our datasets! Available across all platforms.

Kalli Stephens presented her research at WSU SURCA. She received the Crimson (1st place) award for the Proposal Category. Congrats, Kalli! (3/28/2022)

Kalli Stephens (our undergrad) is the recipient of the Barry Goldwater Scholarship. 433 universities and colleges submitted nominations. This is such a big accomplishment. Congrats, Kalli! (3/25/2022)

Emily McGlade (our grad student) received the Richard R. and Constance M. Albrecht Scholarship from the Graduate School. Congrats, Emily! (3/25/2022)

Our graduate student, Ryan Finner, won 2nd place 🏅 on 3-minute thesis at the Departmental level in the School of Molecular Biosciences (02/18/2022)

Our recent research findings on AEBSF & its inhibitory action on human semen liquefaction are highlighted in WSU Insider (02/07/2022), US newsScienceDaily, HealthDay, and at EOS Wetenschap (Dutch’s scientific magazine, 02/10/2022)


Emily McGlade was accepted to the program Frontiers in Reproduction: Molecular & Cellular Concepts and Application for 2022. This is a competitive program and there are applicants from international institutes. Congrats on such an accomplishment! (01/27/2022)

Emily McGlade, Ryan Finnerty, and Jeff Erickson presented their research at the Society for Study of Reproduction (SSR) in St. Louis, MO. (12/14-18/2021)

Kalli Stephens’ application was selected to represent WSU in the national Barry Goldwater Scholarship selection process. Congrats, Kalli! (12/20/2021)

Dr. Winuthayanon is one of the recipients for WSU RA&$10K competitive award from the Office of Research. (10/15/2021)

Our 1st-year grad student, Jeff Erickson won a poster presentation award at the International Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) Contraceptive Symposium. Congrats, Jeff! (08/06/2021)

Jeff poster presentation winner

Our undergraduate senior student, Kalli Stephens just has been accepted to WSU MARC (Maximizing Access to Research Careers) Program. Congratulations, Kalli! (08/02/2021)

Our 3rd-year grad student, Emily Harris-McGlade’s NIH F31-Diversity application received an impact score of 16 and ranked at the 4th percentile. She is awarded from 11/1/21-10/31-23. Congratulations, Emily! 

Dr. Winuthayanon was recruited to lead the Center for Reproductive Biology (CRB) – 7/1/2021

CRB director recruitment announcement

Dr. Winuthayanon is the co-editor of the special issue on Gamete and Developing Embryo MetabolismPast Perspectives, Current Problems, and the Future of Assisted Reproductive Technologies at the Frontiers in Physiology. Please consider submitting your work or contact Dr. Winuthayanon for more information. Submission is not due until March 2022!

Dr. Winuthayanon was highlighted at the Society for the Study of Reproduction for the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. (05/12/2021) Read Full Blog

Dr. Winuthayanon & Fun Fact! #WSUPullman @ #WSUFacultyFriday.

Dr. Winuthayanon received tenure and promotion to the Associate Professor level (effective 07/01/2021).
WSU SHOWCASE award ceremony 03/26/2021.

Dr. Winuthayanon received the Dean’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, 09/17/2020

Dr. Joy Winuthayanon, an assistant professor in the School of Molecular Biosciences, is the recipient of the Dean’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Award! The award is sponsored by the dean and is designed to recognize outstanding junior faculty who are already establishing themselves as innovators and leaders in their chosen fields. 


Dr. Winuthayanon received the SMB Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring Award, 05/09/2020

Our lab received the Largest New Individual Grant Award, a Recognition from WSU Office of Research, 10/29/2019

In FY2019, Winuthayanon received a $1.59 million award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study the oviductal epithelium environment to tackle the poor success and inherent problems associated with assisted reproductive technologies (ART). – By Karen Hunt, Office of Research