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Washington Rural Jails Network A Network to help members share information and resources on rural jails


WRJN was established to support rural Washington jails and communities to understand and overcome their self-identified justice system challenges. The Network helps members share information and resources and advocate for unique needs of rural justice systems to be met.

Washington State University is partnering with rural counties east of the Cascades to engage criminal justice leaders in discussions and analysis of their local systems and to work with communities to generate possible solutions and policy decisions that are tailored to the specific needs and resources of rural communities.

We will use quantitative and qualitative data to better understand factors that impact local jail populations and trends.  We will work together to develop data-informed policy and practice solutions tailored to rural areas and help bring these rural-focused policy solutions to the attention of state and national policymakers.

The first Network meeting, focused on identifying local challenges and strengths, is tentatively slated for September 2020.  Data collection, analysis, and work with communities will take place throughout at least 2020 and 2021.

On this website, you will find a discussion forum, research briefs, resource links, meeting updates and agendas, and other information.

To learn more, see our presentation to the Washington State Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Association in Fall 2019.


A view down Main Street in Pomeroy, Washington in Garfield County, January 23, 2020. Photo Copyright ©2020 by J. Michael Short