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Prof. Ali Mehrizi-Sani's Laboratory for Integration of Power Electronics (LIPE)

Welcome to LIPE!

The Laboratory for Integration of Power Electronics (LIPE) hosts world-class equipment that enable design, test, and validation of control, integration, and management strategies for integration of power electronics in the power system. In particular, the lab enables verification of the performance of designed control algorithms in relation to power system applications such as reactive power compensation, flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS), integration of renewable energy resources, and microgrid applications. Currently, the lab includes, among others, three-phase inverters, controllers, and instrumentation (such as high performance Yokogawa ScopeCorders) that enable observation of high-speed transients that are characteristic of power electronics converters. LIPE developed a prototype of a fuel cell-based battery extender system for aircraft electric system and currently developing very fast control methods for inverters with applications ranging from FACTS devices to electric drives and renewables integration. The students in LIPE received hands-on experience and have the chance to take their theory- and simulation-based work to the next level.