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Dr. Rahul Panat's Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Flexible/Stretchable Electronics

WSU’s Advanced Manufacturing Lab focuses on interdisciplinary research that combines mechanical, materials and electrical engineering with an aim to follow up with latest commercial requirements. The industry has seen its fair share of rigid electronics research but has limited applications for flexibility.Untitled That’s why one of our key objectives is to engineer a seamless combination of materials for interconnects that are bendable and stretchable beyond their limits compared to the bulk counterparts while maintaining the mechanical and electrical integrity.

S+GO_167The choice of metals and supporting substrates for the system is driven by industrial needs (i.e., cost effective and highly deformable). While metal delamination from the substrate (i.e., Polymers) is a known phenomenon that arises from the mismatch of two different types of materials, our research is aimed to address this issue along with other obvious ones such as permanent increase in resistance and resistivity.

Since the physics behind the extreme stretch-ability of thin metal films on polymer substrates needs immense research efforts, we aim to hypothesize the mechanism relating to our experimental results. OurUntitled success in achieving up to 100% linear strain on metal films on flexible substrates has been a major driving factor towards expanding the research to tune up the system for manufacturing prototypes of flexible interconnects to fulfill industry standards in near future. The interface of the system has been designed in such a way that this huge amount of strain does not give significant raise in metal resistivity. Engineering crack formation in the adhesion layer towards large strain accommodation of conducting metal layer has been a major part in correlating hypothesized mechanism with in-situ experimental results.

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Youtube Video on Stretching the system–


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