Agility Dog Health Network
Your source for accurate, fact-based information on agility dog health!

The Agility Dog Health Network is a platform to encourage collaboration among individuals engaged in evidence-based discovery and innovation to enhance the health of dogs competing in canine agility and to disseminate that information to agility participants.

This site is the result of collaboration among a small group of experienced veterinary researchers who have developed a passion for agility. We quickly recognized that there is very little evidence-based research on which we can make health decisions specific for our agility dogs. A small number of individual researchers, scattered around the globe, are making valiant contributions to the effort as they work independently on specific projects but they are often limited by lack of access to information. Our goal is to develop a network of researchers, competitors, veterinary professionals, and others who will collaborate in the discovery dissemination of new information for the advancement of canine agility dog health.

Watch this space for information, coming soon, about our next Virtual Journal Club! This journal club format is intended to provide a critical review of the strengths and limitations of recently published research. Members of the Agility Dog Health Network will discuss the paper and you will have the opportunity to ask questions!

While you wait, you can access the full text of the paper from our most recent journal club session via this link !

Stay tuned for information on how to access the next Virtual Journal Club session! Information about past journal club events and links to recordings of those sessions are available in the Agility Community section of this web site.

Contact us: agilitydogresearch@wsu.edu