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Participate in the Chemical Reaction Car Event

Chem-E Car Event Sign-up

Full Rules from AIChE


Rules for Fall 2020

  1. Individual teams will compete on two days.   October 24th, 2020 for the poster competition and October 31st, 2020 for the Chem-E-Car Competition.   Both events will start at 12pm PDT.
  2. Key Dates
    • September 25th, 2020.
      • EDP’s are due (Submit to the AIChE BOX) You can download the EDP Form here.
      • Each School will have needed to starting coordination with their home EHS department
      • Each School will have needed to recruit an On-Site safety judge who can be present at the competition.
    • October 9th, 2020.
      • EDP’s will be returned.
      • All needed safety equipment for the competition need to been acquired
      • Video participant (responsible for transmitting the activities on competition day) must be identified
      • Video transmission details (internet access and devices) should be finalized.
    • October 19th, 2020
      • EDP updates due (submit to the same BOX listed above)
      • Onsite safety checklist confirmed
      • Chem-E-Car Team Video Due (Submit to the AIChE BOX)
        • Teams will submit a 5 minute pre-recorded video presentation for poster judging; Poster Judges will review these presentations.  Teams will be provided a general outline to follow to ensure every aspect of the car is described (e.g. starting and stopping mechanism etc.)
      • Onsite Safety Judge Video Due (Submit to the AIChE BOX)
        • Onsite Safety Judge will also (with or without the help of the Chem-E-Car team) record a maximum 5-minute video of the Chem-E-Car to show each and every aspect of the car. This video will be sent to each Regional Safety Coordinator for review. Video must address any comments in the evaluated EDP
    • October 24th, 2020
      • Live Poster Presentations with Judges
    • October 26th, 2020
      • Feedback on Safety Video provided
    • October 31st, 2020
      • Competition Day
        • In order to compete, the Chem-E-Car faculty advisor and appointed Onsite Safety Judge must be present. They will follow up on any flagged issues (marked by the Regional Safety Coordinators).
        • All teams will connect via a zoom call coordinated by Host Universities or AIChE Staff using camera guidelines provided by AIChE
        • Each team will be notified of the distance and run order 1 hour before start time. Each team will participate in two rounds of runs with a 15 minute break in-between each round.
        • Each team will be given a run time of 2 minutes.
        • After both rounds, scores will be compiled and winners will be announced shortly after.
        • Teams will be responsible for cleaning up their competition area and appropriate disposal of waste chemicals on their campus.

Summary of these rules are available here.


Submission of the EDP will serve as registration for the event.