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Paper and Poster Presentation Event

Rules for the Student Technical Paper Competition (STPC)

Papers presented at the STPC held at the WSU AIChE conference must conform to the following rules to qualify for eligibility.

  1. The student presenting the paper should be the first place presenter at an AIChE Student Chapter Regional Conference held during the same calendar year as the Annual Meeting at which the paper is presented. If the first place presenter for the region is unable to attend the event, the second place presenter for the region will be invited to represent the region. If the second place presenter for the region is also unable to attend the event, the third place presenter for the region will be invited to participate in the event to represent the region. The presenter for the region in the STPC must place no lower than third at the Regional Conference. An abstract must be submitted to the STPC chair by the deadline set for the Annual Meeting in order to express willingness to participate in the event. If the Regional Conference is held after the deadline, abstracts must be submitted no more than one week after the conclusion of the Regional Conference.
  2. The student participating in the event must be an undergraduate or an undergraduate at the time of his or her presentation during the AIChE Regional Conference.
  3. The topic chosen by the presenter at the event must be unique to other papers discussed at previous National Student Paper Contests.
  4. Only one paper from each AIChE Student Chapter Regional Conference shall be presented. In the case of a tie for first prize in a Regional Conference, or if two first prizes are awarded, the Region must make a selection and nominate only one paper for the National Student Paper Contest.
  5. Each region will only have one presenter for their paper. If the paper has co-authors, only one undergraduate will be allowed to present. The presenter must be heavily involved with the paper in order to take place in the presentation.
  6. The judging panel will be composed of at least three judges. All decisions made by the judging panel will be final.


Specific for Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting

  1.  There can be a maximum of three presenters from one school.  Each school shall develop a process of selecting the three presenters.
  2. Presentations should be a maximum of 15minutes with an additional 3-5 minutes of questions.   If the presenter continues the presentation portion past 20 minutes, they will be stopped and no questions will be asked.   If the presenter is answering questions when 20 minutes elapses, they will be permitted to finish their answer.
  3. Presenters will present live in the Zoom meeting.  Details for the zoom meeting will be shared one week before the competition.
  4. Abstract submission must be complete by September 26th, 2020 by 5pm PDT.


Abstracts should be submitted here by 5pm PDT on September 26th, 2020.