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Advanced Nursing Education Workforce Program Washington State University


Do I have to go through my school’s Institutional Review Board to participate?
No. You are covered through Washington State University’s Institutional Review Board which has designated this multi-site survey as exempt from review. Because we are sharing deidentified data with participating schools, the schools are not considered to be engaged in the research. As such, other than seeking an exempt determination from the IRB for our research, we do not need any special approval to share the data. Similarly, participating schools should not require review by their organizations IRB of choice because you are not involved in the research.

What is the easiest way for me to reach students? How will I distribute the survey to the students?
At Washington State University, we found the best strategy is to identify a single course in which all graduating students are enrolled, and work with the instructor of the course to disseminate the survey within a month of graduation. We recommend emailing the cross-cultural survey link to the students in that course and setting aside 10 minutes of class-time for the students to take the cross-cultural survey.

What is my time commitment?
If you would like your school to participate, you will be asked to complete a Registration Form (please see Project Overview and Participant Registration page), identify a single course in which all graduating students are enrolled, and you or the course instructor will email the cross-cultural survey link (provided by WSU) to those students. It is estimated that these procedures will take approximately 30 minutes total including 10 minutes for the survey.

What data would I expect to get back?
We will provide you with an Excel or SPSS copy of your deidentified student data and a summary of descriptive results.

How will I benefit from participating?
Our goal is for cross-cultural survey results to help faculty inform their curriculum related to student preparedness and skill in providing care for patients who are underserved or from a culture different from their own.

What if my school is interested in adding items to the cross-cultural survey?
We do not currently have IRB approval for changes to the cross-cultural survey. If you have specific changes in mind, please recommend them to us and we will consider them. You can submit any recommendations to the Project Manager,

Who do I contact for additional questions?
We are interested in your questions. You can contact the Washington State University Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) Program Director: Janet Purath,, 509-324-7299; or Washington State University ANEW Project Manager: Olivia Brooks,, 509-324-7450.