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Advanced Nursing Education Workforce Program Washington State University

Project Overview & Participant Registration

Welcome! As part of the Washington State University (WSU) ANEW award, we will survey advanced-level nursing students from other nursing programs about their preparation for providing cross-cultural care. We selected an adapted instrument that queries students about their perceptions of preparedness and skill to provide care for patients who are from a culture different from their own as well as their educational experiences (See Instrument tab **embed link). If your school decides to participate, we will provide you with a copy of the anonymous student data and summary of results. Our goal is for the results from the survey to serve as a resource for participating schools, helping faculty to inform their curriculum.

Who can participate?
We welcome all Health Resources and Services Administration Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) awardees to take part in the survey

What does my school’s participation entail?
If you would like your school to participate, we ask that you (the ANEW Project Director) or a designate a lead faculty member from your school to be responsible for emailing the cross-cultural survey link to students. This should be done during a designated class in which the students at the end of the student’s program, preferably within a month before graduation. Washington State University (WSU) has found the best strategy is giving students 10 minutes of class-time to take the survey. We would ask the you or lead faculty to encourage students to participate. WSU will email reminders if participation is low. We will incentivize students to complete the cross-cultural survey by inviting them to enter a drawing for a $50 gift card from Amazon. The invitation will not be linked to their survey responses.

The student survey is anonymous. The data will be linked to your school so that you can identify your curriculum’s areas of strength and weakness related to cross-cultural care. WSU will provide you with an SPSS or Excel file with your student data and summary. Your faculty can use the information to help identify any gaps in your curriculum. At the completion of the project period, WSU will also pool the data across programs and share the pooled results with participating programs. WSU has obtained IRB exempt approval for a multi-site survey.

☐ I am interested in participating: __(name of school)__  (if selected take to embedded survey}

☐ I am NOT interested in participating: __(name of school)__ (If selected, thank them for reviewing the page}

Please complete the Registration form below.  The questionnaire requests general information about your school and your contact information. General demographic responses will be used in the summary of results that pools data across nursing programs.   Your interest does not imply an obligation.

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PI/PD Questions:

  1. Name:
  2. Email:
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  4. Preferred contact method:



  1. Name of your school: ___________________
  2. What type of institution are you in?



  1. What types of degrees do you offer?


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  1. What types of programs do you offer?




☐Other: _______

  1. What was the total numbers of students in your last graduating class?
  2. Which month(s) do you have students graduate?
  3. Class(es) where you can reach all students who are about to graduate. This will be used to determine the appropriate survey administrator.
  4. Who will administer the survey to students? (i.e., instructor of class that reaches most students.) *YOU MAY SAVE AND COME BACK TO THIS ITEM*


☐Faculty name: ________

If other, contact email and phone number: _________