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Kirti Rajagopalan Agro-Ecosystems Modeling


Registration is full. Thanks for the overwhelming interest. Unfortunately we could not accommodate everyone that was interested. Do keep a watch for future events!

Join us October 1st to 5th for the region’s first agriculture-focused hackathon in partnership with Microsoft, the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, and Innov8ag!

Organizing Committee

Kirti Rajagopalan, Lav Khot, Sindhuja Sankaran, Claudio Stockle, Amanda Stahl, Von Walden, Mingliang Liu, Sarah Murphy, Afef Marzhougui, Ananth Kalyanaraman, Sid Chaudhary


Chris Richards, Carl Sweetland, Pamela Saunders, Jim Bennet, Igor Vodov, Ana Del Campo Mendizal, Stacey Wood, Kent Foster


Steve Mantle, Harmony Liu