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Astro Imaging Where art, science, and education meet

welcome to astro imaging

What is this site?

This site hosts images of our beautiful universe, as collected and processed by undergraduate students enrolled in astronomy labs at WSU.

These data were collected via the Skynet Robotic Telescope Network or the Las Cumbres Observatory.

Projects are supervised by faculty in the Astronomy Group of the Dept of Physics & Astronomy at WSU.

How are the images organized?

  • Home – this page
  • Solar system – images of the Sun, Moon, and major & minor planets
  • Star clusters – collections of stars in the Milky Way
  • Nebulae – collections of gas & dust in the Milky Way
  • Galaxies – celestial objects outside the Milky Way
  • Science – images, graphs, and diagrams from undergraduate research projects
  • Animations – simple concepts illustrated simply
  • External links – useful software, databases, news sites

This site is maintained by Dr Michael L Allen.