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Research Projects

  • Lignin-Based Jet Fuel Pilot Plant – JACTI
  • Multi-stream Integrated Biorefinery Enabled by Waste Processing – DOE-EERE
  • Up-grading Lignin-containing Pretreatment residues for Bioplastics – DOE-EERE
  • Selective Conversion of NREL’s Technical Lignins to Cyclic Hydrocarbons  – DOE-NREL
  • Jet Fuel from Biomass Derived Lignin – NSF-I-Corps
  • Jet Fuel Production from lignin in Remote Locations – DOD DARPA YFA
  • EAGER: Aqueous Phase Catalytic Processing of Lignin to Hydrocarbons – NSF
  • Synthetic Design of Microorganisms for Lignin Fuel – DOE-EERE
  • Catalytic Production of Aviation Fuel Hydrocarbons from Lignocellulosic Biomass-Derived Lignin – Sun Gant- DOT
  • Upgrading Lignin to Aromatic Hydrocarbons – DOE-NREL
  • Pretreatment of Sub-millimeter Biomass Particles – DOE-SBIR Phase I & II

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