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Computer-aided Engineering Lab


Computer-aided engineering (CAE) utilizes computers to simulate the behaviors (deformations, stresses, fluid flows, temperature distributions, vibrations, fatigue life, and so on) of materials or structures to complement the physical testing. CAE is being increasingly employed in the analysis and development (virtual prototyping/testing) of many new materials (e.g., advanced composites, biomaterials, and MEMS) and various new products (e.g., cell phones, computers, cars, and airplanes).

The mission of the CAE Research Lab is:

  • To conduct sponsored research to advance the CAE technologies as applied in solving challenging problems in engineering.

  • To serve the local and global companies in solving their urgent research and development (R&D) problems through projects, training and consulting.

  • To train undergraduate and graduate students at the Washington State University Vancouver so that they will be well prepared in the cutting-edge CAE technologies.



(360) 546-9117