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Crespi Lab Teaching


Animal Development (BIOL 321) SPRING semester (every year), M course

This course provides students with hands on lab experience with live embryos. Development is observed in many different animal models including sea urchins, Xenopus, and quail, and the labs are structured in three inquiry-based modules.  Students are given a chance to conduct an independent project using embryos in a research lab setting. This is a Writing in the Major [M] course, and therefore, emphasizes the development of writing skills. 4 credits.

Biology of Women (BIOL 307 ) FALL semester (odd years), DIVR course

Biological basis of sex and its relationship to body function, women and health care, and the impact of social and cultural perspectives on the experience of being female. Course Prerequisite: BIOLOGY 102 or 106; junior standing.  (Formerly BIOLOGY 407.)  3 credits.

Hormones and Behavior (BIOL 559) Fall semester (even years)

Classical behavioral endocrinology from molecular to whole organisms, integrating evolutionary ecology, neuroethology and behavioral neuroendocrinology. 3 credits


Past Graduate Seminars:

  • Advanced topics in developmental biology
  • Advanced topics in Nutrition Science (with Shelley McGuire and Charlie Robbins)
  • Ecological and evolutionary development
  • Stress and conservation biology