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Hudson Biological Reserve at Smoot Hill

Smoot Hill is an 800 acre biological reserve, located 12 miles from the Pullman campus. It was purchased by WSU in 1968 for research and educational use and designated as the “Hudson Biological Reserve at Smoot Hill” in recognition of Professor George Hudson’s unique and outstanding contributions. Smoot Hill is one of the largest intact remnants of the native Palouse plant community. Its natural diversity and beauty make it popular for ecology and botany field trips.

On-site facilities include lab buildings, barns and an animal barn/kennel. In past years, elk, moose and woodland caribou were kept on site during research projects. Smoot Hill has supported a wide range of research projects including: nutritional studies of moose, population studies of mice and voles, studies of non-native plants, genetics of salamanders, and wind deposition of dust and soil across the Palouse farmlands.