Decoding what brings genomes to life

Transcription regulation in health and disease

Research Interests: We strive to better understand the molecular mechanisms that regulate the expression of our genome in health and disease to apply such knowledge to the study, prevention, treatment, and prediction of disease outcomes. A major hurdle toward this goal is insufficient knowledge of how and which transcription factors and networks thereof interpret regulatory DNA. To address this need, we exploit genetic diversity, bioinformatics, and nascent transcriptomics. We envision that gained knowledge will enable predicting disease outcomes based on profiling the gene expression state of immune cells, eventually skewing immune gene expression profiles toward more favorable outcomes.


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Gene regulation in health and disease:

Interrogating your immune system for prognostics and diagnostics

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The spatial grammar of our genome:

Decoding gene regulation from the perspective of the transcription start site

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Human dispersed transcription initiation:

Based on their pattern of transcription initiation, regulatory elements such as promoters and enhancers are commonly grouped into ‘focused’ or ‘dispersed’.