Used in architectural restoration, compo (short for composition) is a mix of calcium carbonate, gelatin, pitch, and other ingredients. As a molding material compo holds unique qualities suitable for manipulation. It can be used in making press molds, but unlike clay it needs no firing to achieve hardness and durability. Its “plastic” phase is reportedly generous, allowing […]

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Group Show is a multi-year long-term collaborative project (first exhibited in 2013/14), displaying artifacts of the made world… human effects tumbling in a never-ending stream at the bottom of a well. Contributions include objects made and altered by artists, scholars, and factory laborers. The current version of this project can be seen in the WSU Vancouver […]

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About Field Study

My research currently investigates bio-based materials as a way to innovate sculptural fabrication and imaging techniques. This art-based project draws from a number of applied fields, including food science, manufacturing, and hand-building techniques used in construction (domains ultimately sharing an interest in sustainable resources). In addition to challenging the techniques and materials used in art, I […]

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