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H HIGGS | FIELD Study sustainable


Group Show is a multi-year long-term collaborative project (first exhibited in 2013/14), displaying artifacts of the made world… human effects tumbling in a never-ending stream at the bottom of a well. Contributions include objects made and altered by artists, scholars, and factory laborers. The current version of this project can be seen in the WSU Vancouver Library (exhibiting March – July 2020).






About Field Study

My research currently investigates bio-based materials as a way to innovate sculptural fabrication and imaging techniques. This art-based project draws from a number of applied fields, including food science, manufacturing, and hand-building techniques used in construction (domains ultimately sharing an interest in sustainable resources). In addition to challenging the techniques and materials used in art, I am connecting this inquiry to “foundational and emergent materials” (bio-based materials and green manufacturing) found in the WSU Grand Challenges schema. FIELD Study also serves as a touchstone to my other material-based projects.