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Harrison Research Group Global Change and Watershed Biogeochemistry

John Harrison, Ph.D.

Edward R. Meyer Professor, School of the Environment (SoE)


School of the Environment (WSU-System-wide)
School of the Environment (Vancouver Campus)

Phone: (360) 546-9210
Fax: (360) 546-9064
Located in Life Sciences (VSCI) 230B
WSU, Vancouver Campus
Support Staff: Andrea Hanmann


Graduate Students:

Sofia D’Ambrosio
Sarah Kintner
Corey Ruder
Phil Steenstra
Samantha (Sammi) Grieger

Lab Manager:

Keith Birchfield, M.S.

Former Graduate Students:

Rebecca Bellmore Ph.D. (Science Director at the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition)
Bridget Deemer Ph.D.
Will Forney M.S.
Kara Goodwin M.S. (Oregon DEQ)
Allison Jacobs M.S.
Cody C. Miller M.S.
Reed Norton M.S.

Former Postdoctoral Associates:

Dr. Genevieve Metson
Dr. Michelle McCrackin
Dr. Daniel Reed
Dr. Dan Sobota

GCWB Laboratory:

Rooms 18, 215, 216 & 218, Science and Engineering (VSCI) Building
School of the Environment
Washington State University, Vancouver Campus
Vancouver, WA 98686
Phone: (360) 546-9220