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Harrison Research Group Global Change and Watershed Biogeochemistry


Peer Reviewed Publications (* denotes student or postdoc)

  • Soued, C., J.A. Harrison, S. Mercier-Blais, Y.T. Prairie (2022) Reservoir greenhouse gas emissions and their climate impact through time (1900-2060), Nature Geoscience. 10.1038/s41561-022-01004-2
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  • Delwiche, K.B., J.A. Harrison, J.D. Maasakkers, M.P. Sulprizo, D.J. Jacob, E.M. Sunderland, and J. Worden (2022) ResME – A global mechanistic model for methane emissions from hydroelectric reservoirs, for Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences.
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  • *Grieger, S., and J.A. Harrison (2021) Long-term Disconnect between Nutrient Inputs and Riverine Exports in a Semi-arid, Agricultural Watershed: Yakima River Basin 1945-2012, JGR-Biogeosciences.
  • Harrison, J.A., Y.T. Prairie, S. Mercier-Blais, and C. Soued, (2021) Year-2020 Global Distribution and Pathways of Reservoir Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions According to the Greenhouse Gas from Reservoirs (G-res) Model, Global Biogeochemical Cycles.
  • Bollens, S.M., J.A. Harrison, M.G. Kramer, G. Rollwagen-Bollens, T.D. Counihan, S.B. Robb-Chavez, and S.T. Nolan (2021) Calcium concentration in the lower Columbia River, USA, and its implications for invasive bivalves, River Research and Applications, 1–6.
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Other Publications

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