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Hearing and Communication Lab News

Elena gets Current Biology paper accepted!

Soon to be available is a great Current Biology paper in collaboration with Coen Elemans and David Perkel describing how mice produce their ultrasonic vocalizations. I’ll add the link when it is available. Way to go, Elena!

Congratulations to Elena and Mickey!

Elena and Mickey both won awards at the WSU Vancouver Research Showcase on April 14. Elena gave a great talk on her project about distortion products and Mickey presented a great poster about her duration-tuned neurons. Congrats to both of you!

Jeff and Matt also gave great presentations. Great job to all of you for representing the fabulous research projects we have going on in the lab.

I also have to note that out of 12 awardees, our Neuro hallway is home to 5 of them! Great job hall-mates!

Phil Uribe wins WSU 3 minute thesis contest!!

Phil made WSU Vancouver proud by winning the system-wide WSU 3 minute thesis contest held in Pullman March 22. After being ignored more than once by our Pullman colleagues about Vancouver’s involvement in the contest, Phil showed Pullman that Vancouver knows how to talk about research!! Way to go, Phil and thanks Alli Coffin for helping our students learn so much about public speaking!!

Pregnant bats???

We may have some pregnant bats! This would be awesome as we are getting geared up to test whether bats are vocal learners or not. Marcela and Matt are both interested in experimental and genomic studies of vocal learning in bats. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that pups show up some day soon!