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WSU Science Education

Immersive Science Learning Environment Lab

Making a real difference

EUCAPS = Enhancing Understanding of Concepts and Practices of Science.

It’s changing students’ world.

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Argumentation to Learn

Using argumentation to learn the disciplinary practices and fundamental principles of science in large lecture undergraduate biology classrooms.

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When Many > One

There is substantial evidence across the social and natural sciences suggesting cohesive groups of individuals are able to outperform individuals.

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Sorting to Learn in Science

The Enhancing Learning and Transfer of Science Principles via Category Construction project seeks to support mastery and transfer of evolution principles.

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PHONE (509) 335-6391 • LOCATION Cleveland Hall Room 236, Pullman, WA 99164


The Immersive Science Learning Environment Lab (ISLE) is dedicated to the study of learning environments that seek to build students’ grasp of scientific practices while simultaneously developing an understanding of disciplinary big ideas. We are particularly interested in students’ engagement in argumentation as an epistemic tool in science and environmental characteristics that support deliberative argumentation.