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Dr. Lav Khot Precision Agriculture

Grant Awards

  1. WTFRC [Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission] -Apple: Data to model apple airblast spraying drift exposure levels. (L. R. Khot, G.-A. Hoheisel, H. Thistle) (2018-2019).
  2. WSDA-SCBG: Novel sensing for potato postharvest quality and loss management in bulk storages. (S. Sankaran, L.R. Khot, B. Schroeder). (2017-2020).
  3. WSU-Emerging Research Issues: Adapting satellite-based methods for estimating water use and crop-water stress to high resolution images from small UAS (R. T. Peters, L. R. Khot, C. Stockle) (2017-2019).
  4. USDA-SCRI: Solid Set Canopy Delivery Systems: an efficient, sustainable and safer spray technology for tree fruit. (M. Grieshop [MSU Lead], L. R. Khot [WSU lead], G.-A. Hoheisel et al; 2016-2019).
  5. WSU- Emerging Research Issues: Adapting Satellite-Based Methods for Estimating Water Use and Crop-Water Stress to High Resolution Images from small UAS (R. T. Peters, L. R. Khot, C. Stockle; 2017-2018).
  6. Washington Blueberry Commission: Modeling blueberry cold hardiness in Washington. (G.-A. Hoheisel, L. W. DeVetter, L. R. Khot, T. Coffey; 2017-2019).
  7. Desert Air Solutions, Mattawa, WA (Sun Hwang & Steve Kim). In-kind UAS equipment donation. Gift fund  (2016).
  8. BIOAg [Center for Sustainable Ag and Natural Resources]: Rapid sensing of dairy manure nutrients for precision applications in agricultural production (P. Ndegwa, L. R. Khot, G. Kafle; 2016-2017).
  9. SWWRC [State of Washington Water Research Center 104B program]: Low energy precision (/spray) applications: unmanned aerial system based rapid evaluation for crop and site specific system adaptation in the Pacific Northwest (L. R. Khot, T. R. Peters, H. Neibling; 2016-2017).
  10. USDA-SCRI: Steam-generated supplementary heat thermotherapy as an immediate treatment for prolonging productivity of HLB-infected citrus trees (R. Ehsani [UF Lead], L. R. Khot [WSU lead]; 2015-2019).
  11. WTFRC [Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission] -Apple: Effectiveness of foliar calcium applications in bitter pit management (L. Kalcsits, S. Sankaran, L. R. Khot; 2015-2017).
  12. WSDA-SCBG: Deep sub-surface micro-irrigation to increase water use efficiency in Washington vineyards (P. Jacoby, L. R. Khot, H. Sadeghi, S. Sankaran; 2015-2018).
  13. OBC [Oregon Blueberry Commission]: Assessment of application technologies specific to the Western Pacific Northwest Blueberries (V. Walton, G.-A. Hoheisel, L. R. Khot; 2015-2017).
  14. WSGWRC [Washington State Grape and Wine Research Program]: Assessment of application technologies in wine grapes (G.-A. Hoheisel, M. Moyer, L. R. Khot; 2014-2018).
  15. Borton Fruits, Yakima, WA. In-kind cash to support WSDA-SCBG project ‘Rapid detection technologies for in-field and post-harvest apple bitter pit management’ (2015).
  16. Wilbur-Ellis Co. (Pacific Northwest Division). Lunch Sponsorship for CPAAS Open house and Ag Tech Day 2015 (2015).
  17. Yamaha Precision Agriculture Inc. and Digital Harvest Inc. sponsored demo & presentations of unmanned helicopter technology to WA Stakeholders and WSU Researchers, Event cost sponsorship (2015).
  18. WSDA-SCBG [Specialty Crop Block Grant]: Rapid detection technologies for in-field and post-harvest apple bitter pit management (L. R. Khot, S. Sankaran, A. Dhingra, K. Lewis; 2014-2017).
  19. WWF [Washington Wheat Foundation]: Equipment grant to purchase a 2D light detection and ranging (LiDAR) system for rapid field phenotyping of spring and winter wheat varieties (S. Sankaran, L. R. Khot, A. Carter, M. Pumphrey; 2014-2015).
  20. USDA-ARS Northwest Centre for Small Fruit Research: Precision sub-surface irrigation to regulate wine grape physiology (P. Jacoby, S. Sankaran, M. Keller, T. Peters, L. R. Khot; 2014-2015).
  21. WSU-ERI [Emerging Research Issues]: In-field sensing and decision support system to prevent cherry fruit cracking due to rainwater (L. R. Khot, T. Peters, Q. Zhang, D. Granatstein; 2014-2016).
  22. WWF [Washington Wheat Foundation]: Equipment grant to purchase an unmanned aerial vehicle for rapid reliable field trial image acquisition (co-PI; 2013-2014).