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Lithics Lab Department of Anthropology

Prospective Students

Dr. Horowitz is currently accepting graduate students (at the MA or PhD level) interested in lithic analysis. She is open to working with students in many geographic and cultural areas, and is particularly interested in working with students who are interested in studying past economies through the lens of lithic technology. Students interested in a broad range of methods including attribute/aggregate analyses, experimental projects, and sourcing activities are encouraged to apply. Check out current and previous student projects listed below to give you an idea of the diversity of research performed in the lithics lab!

Undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience with lithic technology are welcome!

Please contact Dr. Horowitz if you are interested in joining the lab. Find out more about the WSU graduate program in Anthropology. 

Current Student Projects 
  • Inland Northwest lithic sourcing and land use patterns (Jordan Thompson, PhD dissertation)
  • Middle/Upper Paleolithic Europe collections research
Previous Student Projects
  • Jackson Hammill and Katherine Tower (Student Undergraduate Research Conference Presentation, 2024): “Gift Wrapping is not Preservation: A case study of a heritage archaeological collection from Carihuela Cave, Spain”
  • Garrett Toombs (MA, 2023): “If I looks like a scraper: An investigation of a novel lithic tool form from Waka’”
  • Sam Neunzig (Student Undergraduate Research Conference Presentation, 2023): “Understanding the Efficiency of Projectile Technology: Comparing the Atlatl and the Bow”
  • Jordan Thompson (MA, University of Idaho, 2022): “An Overview of Vitrophyre Use in North Central Idaho: 12,000 Years of Rock Knockin’ on the Lochsa”

Image of a person standing in an open excavation unit with stratigraphy visible in the background.

Image of a person kneeling by a square hole in the middle of a large pile of lithics

Person videoing a person flintknapping