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Lithics Lab Department of Anthropology


Research Projects

Current research focuses on Classic period Maya lithic economies in the Maya lowlands.  Through analysis of lithic materials from a variety of contexts across the region, a multi-sited perspective on Classic period Maya lithic economies can be developed. These analyses will provide a comprehensive overview of production and use activities and their role in broader economies. This project employs a technological organization approach to understanding production, use, and maintenance of lithic technology.

Analytical tools

The lithics lab has a variety of spaces in which research can be conducted including access to basic materials for lithic analysis (e.g., scales and calipers).

There is a large area for flintknapping, including replication and experimental projects.

Microscopes for use-wear are also available, for use both with experimental projects and archaeological collections.

A portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (pXRF) is available for sourcing projects, focused on obsidian sourcing, as well as determining the utility of pXRF technology for sourcing other common lithic materials used in the Maya region.


lithic knapping space