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SoE 492

Field Ecology and Island Biogeography in Biosphere Reserves of Baja California, Mexico

WSU International Programs

— Cancelled due to Covid-19 —

— Stay tuned for future offerings of this course —

Travel for 14 days (May 14-27)

Earn 3 credits

Just $3,072 (includes WSU tuition)

Apply by February 3, 2020


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Photos and videos below!
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This is a WSU International Programs Faculty-Led Course I am leading in Baja, Mexico this May 2020 with Dr. Caren Goldberg.

  • Receive 3 credits for this field ecology and island biogeography course in the beautiful and biologically diverse mountain ranges and Midriff Islands of the Sea of Cortez in Baja, Mexico. Students will be immersed in desert, island, and marine ecology and conservation issues through a combination of field visits, lectures, and group discussions in two United Nations Biosphere Reserves.
  • We visit UN Biosphere Reserves where I have active research projects involving cougars, federally endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep, desert tortoises and other reptiles, and wildlife habitat mapping with remote sensing techniques.
  • Students visit with local experts, ejido communal land members, and my graduate students conducting wildlife research, as well as learn field sampling methods, species identification skills, field journal writing, and so much more.
  • I have been traveling to Baja for over 40 years, have co-taught and participated as a researcher in various ecology courses in this region many times over the years, and greatly enjoy introducing new students to this biologically and culturally rich region. So, check out the photos posted here, enroll, and plan for an amazing experience learning about field ecology and island biogeography where the desert meets the sea!
  • Learn more about this course by clicking on the following WSU International Programs link Wildlife and Plant Ecology in Biosphere Reserves of Baja California.
  • See the photos and YouTube video below (which has 4 videos lined up to play one after another) to see some of the wonderful experiences that students have in the Baja, Mexico field ecology courses.


Click the image below to see a 3-minute video from the Vermilion Sea Institute on Bahia de Los Angeles (and the field station we stay at there)

Click the image below to see a 4-minute video from a student at another university who attended a past Baja class