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Graduate Student Opportunities

I am always looking for qualified graduate students whose topical, theoretical, and regional research interests intersect with my own. If you are  interested in joining the Biocultural Anthropology Lab, please contact me at

I welcome applications from individuals who plan to enter with their own research plans. However, I also have a few specific opportunities and projects available for highly-motivated students interested in the following areas:

Interdisciplinary Research on Human Milk, Cannabis, and Infant Development

We have graduate or undergraduate student projects available for students looking to participate in human milk and cannabis research,

Interdisciplinary Human Microbiome Research

I am looking for graduate students interested in topics associated with the intersection of evolutionary theory, behavior, and the human microbiome. I have projects available for qualified students.

Childhood Research

I am looking for graduate students interested topics associated with the evolution of human childhood and child development from a biocultural perspective. I have projects available for a qualified students.