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Graduate Students

Courtney Love
Courtney is a graduate student in the Evolutionary Anthropology Program at Washington State University. She earned her BS in Biology from the University of New Mexico. Her Master’s research will explore cultural and biological influences on the human milk microbiome (HMM) and the relationship between the HMM, maternal health, and the infant fecal microbiome. She is also working on a project investigating cross-cultural nursing patterns among hunter-gatherers and horticulturalists in the Central African Republic (CAR), agro-pastoralists in Ethiopia, and in the US.





Beatrice Caffe

Beatrice is in the Evolutionary Program and working in the Biocultural Anthropology Lab. She earned her BA in Anthropology at Humboldt State University. Her Master’s research will investigate the social, environmental and behavioral correlates of human milk immune factors. Her broader interests include reproductive health and maternal-infant microbiomes. Beatrice managed the infant probiotic study.








Wolayte Bogale in Ethiopia

Wolayte Bogale is a PhD student in cultural Anthropology working with Dr. Courtney Meehan. She earned her bachelor degree from BahirDar University in Ethiopian language studies in 2006 and her MA from Addis Ababa University in Sociolinguistics in 2009. She has been faculty at Bahirdar and Hawassa Universities in Ethiopia. Her dissertation will focus on Ethiopian childhood and family life. She is also a collaborator on the NSF INSPIRE human breast milk composition project in Ethiopia.

Wolayte Bogale. 2009. Education language policy and its implementation: Wolayta Sodo primary schools. VDM Verlarg: Germany. ISBN: 978-3-639-22240-1