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Biocultural Anthropology C.V.

Robert J. Quinlan   

R. Quinlan in Google Scholar


Department of Anthropology

Washington State University

PO Box 644910

Pullman, WA 99164-4910, USA




Ph.D. Anthropology, 2000, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA.

M.A. Anthropology, 1995, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.

B.A. Cum Laude Anthropology (major), Biology (minor) 1992, University of Memphis, .Memphis, TN.



Professor, Department of Anthropology, Washington State University, 8/18 to present

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Washington State University, 8/09 to 7/18

Affiliate Faculty, Allen School for Global Health, WSU, 5/12 to present

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Washington State University, 8/05 to 8/09

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Ball State University, 7/02-7/05

NIH Postdoctoral Assistant Researcher, Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii, 10/00-6/02

Project Manager, Missouri Department of Health & University of Missouri, Dept. of Anthropology, 4/00-10/00


RESEARCH & TEACHING: Behavioral, cultural and evolutionary ecology; medical anthropology; family & kinship; anthropological demography; ethnobiology; collaborative ethnographic science; cross-cultural comparison; field and analytical methods; Caribbean & Africa.


PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS: (*= graduate student coauthors, ** = RQ corresponding author)

Oh, H., Quinlan, R. & Yoder, J. 2022 Crop diversification, impulsivity, and resilience in Ethiopia. Review of Development Economics.

Quinlan, R. Chambers, J.* & Quinlan, M. 2021 eHRAF cross-cultural dog database

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Brief Communications: (*indicates editorial board or peer review; **indicates invited contribution)

*Quinlan, R. (2017) Cultural Consonance, Deprivation, and Psychological Responses for Niche Construction. [comment] Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

**Quinlan, M. & Quinlan, R. 2016 Ethnobiology & One Health. Ethnobiology Letters 7(1):59–61.

**Quinlan, R. 2011. Review of Mothers and Others. American Journal of Human Biology

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2012-2016 NSF Ecology & Evolution of Infectious Disease Program. Ecological and Socio-Economic Factors Impacting Maintenance and Dissemination of Antibiotic Resistance in the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem. $1,900,000. D. Call (PI), R. Quinlan, M. Davis, J. Rushton, T. McElwain, G. Palmer, M. Quinlan (co-PIs). Role: responsible for social science component, managed field research teams, trained key personal for data collection, liaison with Tanzanian government, data management, data analysis and writing.

2007-2011 NSF Cultural Anthropology Program. Collaborative research: Early Childhood stress, personality & reproductive strategies in a matrifocal community. $178,000 to WSU of $255,000 total.   R. Quinlan (PI), M. Quinlan, B. Ellis (co-PIs).

2004 Eli Lilly Foundation: Building a Four-Year Commitment in Anthropology ($9,500). R. Quinlan (PI)& D. Merten (co-PI).

1998 Earthwatch Center for Field Research Grant for Dominica Family Environment and Child Health Project ($20,100 )   M. Flinn (PI), R. Quinlan & M. Quinlan (co-PIs)


2013 CAS Berry Family Fellowship SW Ethiopia Research Incubator $25,000

2011 CAS IGIS Award for East African Risk and Resilience $13,500

2006 Myer Grant Development Award. WSU CLA $5,000

2004   B.S.U. New Faculty Grant: Family environment and reproduction in a Caribbean community. ($5,500). Quinlan, R. (PI)

2003   BSU Center for International Programs, Career Development Grant: Dominica Fieldwork ($1,000) Quinlan, R. (PI)


SELECTED PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATIONS: (* indicates invited or refereed papers):

Quinlan, R. & Quinlan, M. 2022 Dogs are edible people? Cross-cultural analysis of consumption of dog meat. Society of Ethnobiology Annual Conference. Salt Lake City, UT. 5/10/2022.

Subbiah, M.,  Caudell, M., Quinlan, R., Quinlan, M., Matthews, L., Keyyu, J., and D.R. Call 2017 Consumption of unboiled cow milk: A potential risk factor for the higher prevalence of antibiotic resistant E. coli in Maasai people in northern Tanzania. American Society for Microbiology Conference, New Orleans, LA 6/7/ 2017.

Quinlan, M., Quinlan, R., Caudell, M. Roulette, C., Roulette, J., D.R. Call 2017 Ethnobiology of East African Livestock Medication & Antibiotic Resistance among Maasai, Arusha & Chagga People and Animals. Society of Ethnobiology Annual Conference, Montreal, Quebec, 5/10/2017

*Quinlan, R. 2015 Whatever next?  Expected Environments and Cultural Position in (or of) Evolutionary Anthropology. American Anthropological Association annual meeting, Denver, CO.

Subbiah M., M.Caudell, R.J.Quinlan, M.B.Quinlan, D.Mshanga, L.Matthews, J.Keyyu, D.R.Call   2015 Maasai households in northern Tanzania harbor a higher prevalence of antibiotic resistant E. coli compared with Chagga households. American Society for Microbiology Conference, Washington, DC. 5/2015.

*Quinlan, R. 2010. Impulsivity and Life History in Rural Dominica. American Anthropological Association annual meeting, New Orleans, LA. (invited presentation)

Quinlan, R. & Quinlan, M. 2010. Modeling Cultural Cognition of Medicinal Plant Use in Rural Dominica.Society for Ethnobiology annual meeting, Victoria, B.C.

*Quinlan, R. 2008. Extrinsic Mortality & Female Reproductive Development in Rural Dominica. American Anthropological Association annual meeting, San Francisco, CA. (invited presentation)

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Quinlan, R. & Quinlan, M. 2007. (February) Evolutionary ecology of human pair-bonds: Cross-cultural tests of alternative hypotheses.   Society for Cross-Cultural Research annual meeting, San Antonio, TX.

*Quinlan, R. 2007. (February) Environmental risk, life history development, and cultural models. University of Oregon, Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences. (invited presentation)

*Quinlan, R. 2006. (November) Lineage composition, parental investment and child growth in rural Dominica. American Anthropological Association annual meeting, San Jose, CA. (invited presentation)

Quinlan, M. & Quinlan, R. 2006 (June) Parental effort and environmental risk. Human Behavior & Evolution Society annual meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

*Quinlan, R.2005. (June) Evolutionary ecology of lineal social organization. Human Behavior & Evolution Society annual meeting, Austin, TX. (invited presentation)

*Quinlan, R.2005 (February) Socioecology of breastfeeding and children’s development. Department of Anthropology, California State University Fullerton. (invited presentation)

*Quinlan, R. 2004. (February) Father Absence & Reproductive Development. Facts of Life 2004: Centefor the Study of Natural Systems & the Family. Houston, TX, (invited presentation)

*Quinlan, R., Leone, D., Quinlan, M., England, B., Gangestad, S., Thornhill, R. & Flinn, M.   2003. (June) Long-Term Effects of Household Production and Breastfeeding Duration on Children’s Cortisol Levels, Fluctuating Asymmetry and Growth. Human Behavior & Evolution Society annual meeting, Lincoln, NE.

*Quinlan, R. 2003 (November) Household Economics, Breastfeeding & Child Development. Department of Anthropology, University of Arizona, (invited presentation).



 Graduate Courses:

Culture, Ecology & International Development (ANTH 518, graduate seminar)

Life History, Culture & Environmental Expectations (ANTH 564, graduate seminar)

Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 510, gradate core seminar)

Social-Ecological Systems and Human Behavioral Ecology (ANTH 564, graduate seminar)

Seminar in Ethnography of SW Ethiopia (ANTH 529, graduate seminar)

Cultural Cognition & Motivation (ANTH 564, graduate seminar)

Quantitative Methods in Anthropology (ANTH 537, graduate seminar)

Life History in Cross-cultural Perspective (ANTH 600, overload graduate seminar)

Cognitive Anthropology & Behavioral Ecology (ANTH 564, graduate seminar)

Advances in Human Behavioral Ecology (ANTH 564, graduate seminar)

Evolutionary Anthropology Seminar (ANTH 562, graduate core seminar)


Undergraduate Courses:

Cultural Ecology (ANTH 309)

Human Issues in International Development (ANTH 418, advanced undergraduate course, online)

History of Anthropological Thought (ANTH 390, advanced undergraduate course)

Sex, Evolution & Human Nature (ANTH 468, advanced undergraduate course)

Anthropological Field Methods (ANTH 300/500, graduate/advanced undergraduate field school in Dominica)

Introduction to Anthropological Demography & Epidemiology (ANTH 463/563, combined graduate and advanced undergraduate course)



Athar Khan Ethnoecology of Himalayan climate change expected Ph.D. 2023
Jaime Chambers Cultural Ecology of Domestic Dogs M.A. 2020
Mesgenaw Andualem Ethiopian immigrants in the US Ph.D. 2020
Armando Mendinaceli Collaborative ethnobiology & Tsimane’ hunting Ph.D. 2018
Caitlyn Carr Distress & resilience among Mayan women M.A. 2016
Mark Caudell Global life history & future orientation Ph.D. 2016
Alissa Miller Ecology of stress in SW Ethiopia M.A. 2011
Caitlyn Placek Religion and cooperation, Dominica M.A. 2011
Mark Remiker Working memory and social networks M.A. 2010
Shane MacFarlan Evo. ecology of cooperative work Ph.D. 2010
Michelle Dillon  Evo. ecology of sibling rivalry M.A. 2009
Heather Bonander Famine & long-term health in Dominica M.A. 2008
Tim Barela Cultural models of pro-war rhetoric M.A. 2007
Adam Boyette Parenting & dev. of male reproductive behavior M.A. 2006
Amy Watts Contraceptive knowledge & attitudes M.A. 2005


  • Journal of Ethnobiology, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 2020-2023
  • WSU IRB for Research with Human Subjects, 2020-2023
  • Enriching Maasai Foundation (NGO, Lorborsoit, Tanzania), Board of Directors, 2016-2021
  • WSU Faculty Senate, Senator 2016-2019
  • WSU Grade Appeals Committee, 2017-2020
  • Initiatives in Global Innovation Studies Steering Committee, WSU CAS 2010-2015
  • WSU Provost’s Leadership Academy 2014-2015
  • Hawassa University Consultant, Graduate Program in Social Anthropology, Ethiopia 2011
  • Journal of Ethnobiology, Editorial Board 2013 -present
  • WSU Faculty Status Committee (Tenure Appeals), 2012 – 2015
  • CAS Promotion and Tenure Committee, WSU 2011-2012
  • Chair, Cultural Anthropology Search Committee, WSU Anthropology 2011-2012
  • Evolutionary Anthropology Graduate Studies Coordinator, WSU Anthropology Dept. 2007-2012, 2017-2020, 2023-present
  • Chair, Biological Anthropology Search Committee, WSU Anthropology 2008-2010
  • Guest Editor Cross-Cultural Research 2007 & 2008

AD HOC REVIEWER: Adolescent Health; American Anthropologist; American Journal of Human Biology; American Journal of Physical Anthropol­ogy; Behavioral Ecology; Cross-Cultural Research; Culture, Agriculture, Food & Environment; Current Anthropology; Developmental Psychology; Ethnobiology Letters; Evolution & Human Behavior; Evolution, Medicine & Public Health; Field Methods; Human Nature; Journal of Ethnobiology; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society; Proceedings of the Royal Society B; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; Research in Economic Anthropology;  Scientific Reports; National Science Foundation; National Geographic Society; National Institutes of Health; Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek; Wenner Gren Foundation; Welcome Trust, UK; Norton, Oxford U., U. of Michigan, and Wadsworth Presses.

HONOR & PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES: Lambda Alpha, National Anthropology Honors Society; Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences;  Evolutionary Anthropology Society; Society for Cross-Cultural Research; Society for Medical Anthropology; Society of Ethnobiology; Société de Démographie Historique