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Biocultural Anthropology Culture, Ecology & Evolution

Medical Ethnobiology & Antibiotics Publications

Selected Medical Ethnobiology & Antibiotics Related Publications (*indicates student authors, **indicates RQ as corresponding author):

Subbiah, M., Caudell, M.A., Mair, C., Davis, M.A., Matthews, L.,  Quinlan, R.J., Quinlan, M.B., Lyimo, B., Buza, J., Keyyu, J., &  Call,D.R., 2020 Antimicrobial resistant enteric bacteria are widely distributed amongst people, animals and the environment in Tanzania. Nature Communications 11(1):228 pdf

Caudell, M. Mair, C., Subbiah, M., Matthews, L., Quinlan, R., Quinlan, M., Zadoks, R., Keyyu, J., Call, D. (2018) Identification of risk factors associated with carriage of resistant Escherichia coli in three culturally diverse ethnic groups in Tanzania: a biological and socioeconomic analysis. The Lancet Planetary Health. pdf

Roulett, J.*, Roulette, C., Quinlan, R., Call, D., Hewlett, B., Caudell, M., Quinlan, M.  2018 Children’s ethnobiological notions of contamination and contagion among Maasai agro-pastoralists of northern Tanzania. Journal of Ethnobiology. 38(2):261-275. pdf

Roulette, C., Njau, E., Quinlan, M., Quinlan, R., Call, D. 2018 Medicinal foods and beverages among Maasai agro-pastoralists in northern Tanzania. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 216, 191-202. pdf

Roulette, C., Caudell, M., Roulette, J.*, Quinlan, R., Quinlan, M., Subbiah, M., Call, D.  2017 A two-month follow-up evaluation testing interventions to limit the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistant bacteria among Maasai of Northern Tanzania. BMC Infectious Disease. 17: 770 pdf

Ahmed, H* Call, D., Quinlan, R. & Yoder, J. 2018 Relationships between livestock grazing practices, disease risk, and antimicrobial use among East African Agropastoralists. Environment & Development Economics. 1-18. doi:10.1017/S1355770X17000341 pdf

Caudell, M., Quinlan, M., Subbiah, M. Call, D., Roulette, C., Roulette, JW*, Roth, A.*, Matthews, L., and Quinlan, RJ** 2017 Antimicrobial use and veterinary care among agro-pastoralists in northern Tanzania. PloS One 12(1): e0170328. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0170328. pdf

Caudell, M. Quinlan, M. Quinlan, R. & Call, D. 2017 Medical Pluralism and Livestock Health: Ethnomedical and biomedical veterinary knowledge among East African agropastoralists. Journal of Ethnobiology & Ethnomedicine. 13(7): DOI 10.1186/s13002-017-0135-1. pdf

Quinlan, R., Rumas, I., Naisikye, G., Quinlan, M., Yoder, J. 2016 Searching for Symbolic Value of Cattle: Tropical Livestock Units, Market Price and Cultural Value of Maasai Livestock. Ethnobiology Letters 7(1):76–86. pdf

Quinlan, M. & Quinlan, R. 2007. Modernization and Medicinal Plant Knowledge in a Caribbean Horticultural Village. Medical Anthropology Quarterly 21(2):169-92. pdf

Quinlan, M., Quinlan, R. & Nolan, J. 2002. Ethnophysiology and Botanical Treatments of Intestinal Worms in Dominica, West Indies. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 80:75-83.  pdf