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WSU Department of Psychology SCENe Lab

Research Resources

Members of the SCENe Lab advocate for open science practices and research transparency. Whenever possible, we strive to share tools and resources with others who might benefit from them.

New to open science practices and not sure where to start? Check out this article (Kathawalla, Silverstein, & Syed, 2021) on how to ease into open science! Feeling ready to dig deeper? Check out this set of reading lists compiled by Dr. Will Ngiam.

Pre-registration Google Doc Templates

These templates can be copied and modified to facilitate collaborative work on pre-registrations across multiple individuals. Based on pre-registrations available on the Open Science Framework ( website.

OSF Standard pre-registration
OSF Secondary Data pre-registration 

Data, Software, & Analysis Code

Lab Github page:
Dr. Meidenbauer’s OSF Page:

Tasks & Software
RC-RAGE Task (Meidenbauer et al., Behav Research Methods, 2023)
Environmental Preferences Task (Meidenbauer et al., MethodsX, 2019; J Env Psychology 2019)
Mouse (cursor) movement extraction and multivariate analysis code (Meidenbauer, Niu, et al., J Personality, 2023)

fNIRS Data and Analysis Resources
N-back data & Behavioral PLS Code (Meidenbauer et al., NeuroImage, 2021)
Scale invariance calculation (Hurst exponent) from fNIRS data (Zhuang, Meidenbauer et al., Cortex, 2023)