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  PhD Year Research Title Present Position
1 Gang Xu Aug. 2018 Environmentally friendly pervious concrete made of 100% fly ash binder and enabled by graphene oxide Ph.D. in Civil Engineering; Co-founder of a small engineering firm in Seattle, WA
2 Jialuo He Dec. 2019 Development, characterization and modeling of self-healing cementitious  materials Ph.D. in Civil Engineering; Assistant Director, National UTC TriDurLE
3 Sen Du Aug. 2020;

Dual PhD

with HIT

Nanotechnology applied to high volume  fly ash concrete and its resistance to freeze/thaw damage


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering; Assistant Professor at YanShan University
4 Yan Zhang Aug. 2021 Development, assessment and modeling of an anti-icing asphalt pavement Ph.D. in Civil Engineering; Engineer at California Department of Water Resources
5 Zhipeng  Li Dec. 2023 Fly ash based geopolymer for concrete infrastructure: development, characterization, application, and life-cycle assessment   Postdoctoral Research Associate at National UTC TriDurLE; CTO of CarbonSilvanus Company


  MS Year Research Title Present Position
1 Taekil Oh August 2021 Development of new patching material with 100% RAP and polymerized waste cooking oil (Non-thesis) Ph.D. Student, University of Kansas
2 Junliang Wu May 2020 Asphalt binder modified by graphene oxide and waste cooking oil: Feasibility in Washington State (Non-thesis) Lecturer, Wuhan Vocational College of Science and Technology
3 Yu Jiang May 2017 Durability advances for reinforced  concrete structures in chloride environments Engineer, Jiangsu Testing Center for Quality of Construction Engineering

Co., Ltd.

4 Scott Patrick




State Univ.

Managing the environmental impacts of chemicals used for snow and ice control Project Manager, Advanced Engineering &

Environmental Services, Inc.