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WSUV Health and Social Psychology Research Lab
2017 – present WHSPR Lab members. From left: Thomas Hefter, Kiana Tanaka, Renee Magnan, Bethany Shorey Fennell (Not present: Eric Malain)

The members of WHSPR Lab are interested in studying preventive health behavior from a social psychological perspective. Current research areas include:

  • cognitive versus affective predictors of health behaviors (physical activity, tobacco use, cannabis use…)
  • investigating the links between physical activity and alcohol use
  • techniques for communicating risk information (e.g., cigarette graphic warnings)
  • positive and negative reactions to health communications
  • perceptions and knowledge surrounding ambiguous health behaviors such e-cigs and cannabis use

Undergraduate students who are interested in research experience should contact Dr. Magnan ( directly for availability.

Dr. Magnan will be considering applicants for the Fall 2019 cohort of the Experimental Psychology graduate program. A successful applicant will have clear research ideas, research experience in psychology, strong letters of recommendation, and ideas about how he/she will contribute to Dr. Magnan’s program of research. 

More information on the WSU Experimental Psychology graduate program can be found here:


WHSPR Lab Members 2016-2017 From Left: Thomas Hefter, Mary Nelson, Bethany Shorey Fennell, Renee Magnan, & Alena Kryvanos (Not present: Kiana Tanaka)