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Certificate in Medical Ethics

Certificate in Medical Ethics

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The Certificate Program in Medical Ethics at Washington State University’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine is designed to provide in-depth, affordable education for Hospital Ethics Committee Members and practicing Healthcare Professionals in areas where affordable educational opportunities are limited. The program consists of four courses offered over two academic semesters, and admits approximately 12-15 students per cohort (Fall-Spring academic year).


Offered on-line through WSU’s Global Campus, and in cooperation with Kaiser Permanente professional ethics consultants, the program is focused on the background knowledge, skills, and competencies essential for the conduct of ethics consultations in a clinical setting. This includes training in basic logic and moral reasoning; moral theory; mediation and conflict resolution; the structure and functions of hospital ethics committees; a review of classic as well as paradigm cases from clinical settings; and culminates with each student performing a simulated ethics consultation utilizing professional actors and actual practicing physicians.


Certificate in
Medical Ethics
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