Diversity and Inclusion Papers

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved (2021)

The role of Community Engagement in Supporting Diversity in Genomic Research (in production) 
h-index: 55; impact factor: 1.393

New England Journal of Medicine (2018)

Ancestry DNA Testing and Third Party Privacy 
h-index: 987; impact factor: 79.258 (#1 in Medicine)

Trends in Genetics (2020)

Are Public Repositories Exacerbating Lack of Diversity in Genomic Research? 
h-index: 216; impact factor: 10.627 (#10 in Genetics)

Journal of Genetic Counseling (2020)

Recruiting Diversity Where it Exists: The Alabama Genomic Health Initiative 
h-index: 50; impact factor: 2.446 (#10 in “social sciences, biomedical”)

American Journal of Bioethics (2021)

The Role of Race in Pandemic Vaccine Allocation (in production)
h-index 57; impact factor:   7.647 (#1 in “Medical Ethics” and in “Social Issues”)

African Health Sciences (2020)

Risk Factors for Teenage Pregnancy in Uganda 
h-index: 40 impact factor: 0.842