It has been years in the works, but we finally published a paper describing the dynamics of ranavirus infections in bullfrogs (mostly tadpoles) and detection efficiencies with non-lethal methods. This work was supported by the Association of Zoo & Aquariums and (funds provided by the Disney Conservation Fund) and a Zoological Medicine & Wildlife Health Research Grant from the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians. Thanks to both of them! This work also involved numerous undergraduates, especially Anjulie Olson and Jeremy Rice! Thanks you two!

Brunner, J., A. Olson, J. Rice, S. Meiners, S. Le, J. Cundiff, C. Goldberg, and A. Pessier. 2019. Ranavirus infection dynamics and shedding in American bullfrogs: consequences for spread and detection in trade. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 135:135-150.