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CHEW Lab: Coalition for Healthy and Equitable Workplaces


While I am fascinated by many different areas of industrial/organizational psychology, my research over the past 20 years has largely focused on the linkages between economic precarity (including job insecurity, underemployment, and financial stress) and employee health, safety, well-being, and performance. Using a multilevel lens, my collaborators and I examine contextual effects on these individual-level processes as a function of workgroup, organizational, occupational, community, regional, and national-level variables. For example, many of my research studies attempt to delineate the extent to which our findings generalize to other cultural contexts and to identify sociocultural variables that may explain any observed differences.

I am also co-PI on a recently funded large-scale NSF training grant that enables opportunities to collaborate with faculty and graduate students in robotics and autonomous systems.  I am particularly interested in the interface with workers and how these technological advancements affect their stress, health, and well-being. More information about this program can be found at:

I invite you to explore the Coalition for Healthy and Equitable Workplaces (CHEW) lab website to learn more about our research in these areas and how you can get involved! Many of our studies have been several student-initiated research projects. So, if you have a great idea for some I/O-related research, but don’t see it described on this site, chances are you can still pursue your interests.

For my current CV, please click here. Google Scholar Profile: here. ResearchGate: here

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Tahira Probst



Tahira M. Probst, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Associate Director, NSF NRT-LEAD program
WSU Vancouver
14204 NE Salmon Creek Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98686-9600
Tel: (360) 546-9746
Fax: (360) 546-9038