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Child Externalizing Behaviors Lab Child Externalizing Behaviors Lab


The Child Externalizing Behaviors Lab under the direction of Dr. Tammy Barry conducts research on biologically-based and contextual correlates of child externalizing behaviors, including ADHD, aggression, and disruptive behaviors associated with autism. Factors examined in our research include neuropsychological functioning/endophenotypes, child temperament, parental psychopathology/stress, parenting practices, SES/neighborhood characteristics, and individual difference factors (e.g., narcissism and psychopathy), among other variables. Our research also focuses on the measurement and latent structure of externalizing behavior disorders, such as ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder.

CEB Lab 2017
From left to right: Becca Lindsey, Austin Lau, Alexis Fuller, Robyn Herbert, Tammy Barry, Laci Jensen, and Stephanie Saltness
CEB Lab 2016
From left to right:
Becca Lindsey, Stephanie Saltness, Laci Jensen, Alexis Fuller, Tahlia Carpenter, Tammy Barry, Moira Rimando, Robyn Herbert, Art Alejandro, and Bose Amosun