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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Lab


Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Lab

Welcome to the homepage of the WSU Vancouver’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Lab headed by Dr. Dave Kim. Our research interests are in the area of materials and manufacturing and broad research efforts are presently focused on the following areas:

  • the development of the fundamental understanding of manufacturing processes for structural performance enhancement.
  • the manufacturing process development of advanced composite materials in macro and micro scale.
  • modeling and experimental validation of structural integrity for aerospace/marine structures and their joints.

The most current projects include the development of advanced tools for drilling state-of-the-art aerospace materials (composite/titanium stacks), structural integrity evaluation for marine/wind energy system structures, and the interference-fit process analysis development to enhance fatigue properties. These projects are funded by a wide range of agencies and industries, including Boeing, NSF, US Army Research Lab, JCATI, KITECH, SME Education Foundation, Fatigue Technology – a PCC Co., Phygen Coatings, Cresent Custom Yacht, Christensen Shipyards, and WSU Vancouver. The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Lab has been actively participated in collaborative research with gobal companies (Boeing Co., Fatigue Technology – a PCC Co., Logitech, etc), local industries (Stresswave, Christensen Shipyards, etc), and other universities (Michigan State University, University of Washington, University of Portland, Oregon Institute of Technology, etc.). We always look for graduate students, undergraduate students, and volunteers for the research projects.

The lab currently has one PhD research assistant position opening! Please contact Dr. Dave Kim for more information.