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Lab People

·Dr. Dave Kim

Post Doc
·Dr Sang-Young “Peter” Kim (PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Current Graduate Students
·Caleb Sturtavant, Bin He, Tom Matson, Andrew Mayer.

·Aaron Beal, MSME, Summer 2012 (Currently employed at Epic, WI)
Thesis title: Tool Wear and Hole Quality in Drilling Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics and Titanium Stacks
·Dan Hannigen, MSME, Spring 2012 (Currently employed at US Army)
Thesis title: Beneficial effects of interference fit pins in GFRP marine structure.
·Gabe Castro, MSME, Spring 2010
Thesis title: Drilling carvon fiber reinforced plastic and titanium stacks
·Jason Lin, MSME, Fall 2009. (Currently employed at Logitech Co., Vancouver, WA.)
Thesis title: Design optimization of headband for headphone
·Youngha Kim, MSME, Summer 2009. (Currently PhD student at Univ. of Texas, Austin.)
Thesis title: Densification and properties evolution of stainless steel alloys fabricated by three-dimensional printing
·Kevin Beavers, MSME, Spring 2009. (Currently employed at Nike, Beaverton, OR.)
Thesis title: Understanding the factors affecting the mechanical properties of marine composites
·Yi Wan, MSME, Spring 2008. (Currently employed at Bosch China, Beijing, China.)
·David Blake, MSME, Fall 2006. (Currently employed at Bettis Lab., Pittsburgh, PA.)
Thesis title: Cold working effects on mechanical peroperties in sheet metal joining for automotive applicationis
·Phil Allen, MSME, Fall 2005. (Currently employed at Boeing Co., Seattle, WA.)
Thesis title: Numerical and experimental study on micro-electrical discharge machining characteristics on molybdenum
·Ray Spitsen, MSME, Spring 2005. (Currently employed at Boeing Co., Everett, WA.)
Thesis title: The effect of post-weld cold working on the fatigue strength and mechanical properties of low carbon steel and aluminum resistance spot welds