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Dr. Dan Thornton's Mammal Spatial Ecology and Conservation Lab

9/28/2016 – PhD student Peter Olsoy delivered a fantastic talk at University of Idaho about his new paper on the effects of deforestation on a jaguar conservation plan.

9/25/2016 – Congratulations to MS student Arthur Scully for getting accepted to a PhD Program at Trent University, where he will be continuing his work studying lynx/bobcat interactions.

8/16/2016 – The Thornton Lab welcomes a new PhD student, Lucy Perera, to WSU! Lucy will be studying large mammal ecology and conservation in Latin America, and is supported by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

3/3/2016 – Congratulations to MS student Travis King for getting an NSF Fellowship and a Fulbright Fellowship to fund his research!

October 2015 – Peter and Kyle presented sage -grouse work as part of the Washington State Sage Grouse Working Group meeting. Well done, and keep up the good work.

August 2015 – Congrats to Peter for presenting early dissertation work as a poster at this year’s ESA meetings in Baltimore.

8/25/2015 – Congratulations to graduate student Kyle Ebenhoch, who received funding support from the USFWS NOFA program to support his MS work on sage grouse!

8/1/2015 – The Thornton Lab welcomes Kyle Ebenhoch to WSU. Kyle has been working with the Yakima Training Center on sage grouse ecology, and will be investigating differences in movement and survival of sage grouse as part of his Masters Research. Welcome Kyle!

5/29/2015 – Congratulations to Arthur Scully (MS student) for receiving the Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship for his work with Canada lynx!!

4/30/2015 – Congratulations to Peter Olsoy, who received a second year of funding through a competitive scholarship program at WSU!

3/30/2015 – Congrats to undergraduate (and soon to be graduate student in this lab) Travis King, who took 2nd place with his poster (Use and Behavior at Ocelot Latrines by Neotropical Mammals) at the SURCA presentations at WSU!