The Educating Diverse Undergraduate Communities – Affordable Transport Equipment (EDUC-ATE ) project builds on the earlier NSF-supported project, Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE). The IUSE project has created Low-Cost Desktop Learning Modules (LC-DLMs) with which engineering students can conduct investigations to learn fundamental principles of fluid mechanics and heat transfer. The goal of the EDUC-ATE project is to transform learning environments to be more effective, relevant, motivational, and experiential by national dissemination of LC-DLMs and associated pedagogy through regional hubs shown below with timing of each hub, ASEE, or Chemical Engineering Summer School indicated. Training workshops and community development will be provided. For interested faculty at other intuitions, not listed in the original dissemination plan, they may volunteer to participate in a hub training event at their own expense and arrange to purchase their own LC-DLMs. They are also welcome to have their students take pre- and posttests for faculty to assess the impact of the teaching method. If interested faculty should arrange with the hub coordinators listed the contact page.


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