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Fundamental Quantum Physics Lab Peter Engels

Current Members

Engels group, November 2018. L to R: Sean, Peter, Maren, and Thomas taking a break from the lab and enjoying ice cream from Ferdinands on the WSU campus.
Engels group, Summer 2018. L to R: Vandna, Thomas, Peter, Maren and Sean


Prof. Peter Engels, Curriculum Vitae (CV)


Post Doc(s)

Dr. Sean Mossman (CV)


Dr. Maren Mossman (CV) (website)


Graduate Student(s)

We are currently looking for 1-2 graduate students interested in experimental atomic physics to join our team! If you are interested in joining our group as a graduate student, please contact us at engels.coldatom.lab(at)

Thomas Bersano, MS (CV)


Thomas Bersano

Md. Kamrul Ome



We are looking for 1-2 talented undergraduate students to join our ranks. If you are interested in joining our group as an undergraduate student, please contact us at engels.coldatom.lab(at)



2016-02-24 13.18.04
Kris Boreen’s last day at WSU. L to R: Peter, Maren (Lena), Kris, Vandna, and Amin.
L to R: Amin, Peter, and Vandna just finished eating while attending the 2016 DAMOP meeting in Providence, RI.

Previous Members

Graduate Alumni

Maren Mossman,* PhD thesis: “Nonlinear dynamics and shock structures in elongated Bose-Einstein condensates” (2019).

Amin Khamehchi, PhD thesis: “Dispersion engineering of Bose-Einstein condensates” (2017).

Chris Hamner,* PhD thesis: “Experiments with dispersion engineered Bose-Einstein condensates: Raman dressing and novel optical lattices” (2014). 

JiaJia Chang, PhD thesis: “Quantum hydrodynamics in one- and two-component Bose-Einstein condensates” (2013).

Chunde Huang, M.S. degree (2016).



Justin Niedermeyer

Shen Wei

David Dawson

Demetrious Wilson

Gunnar Skulason

Collin Atherton

*Also worked as a Postdoc.