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Erik Johnson Lab Site About

A native Vermonter, I received a bachelors in environmental-sociology from St. Lawrence University in upstate New York and my PhD in sociology from The Pennsylvania State University. I am a sociologist interested in environmental movements and social change. My published work has examined the emergence, development, and outcomes (especially political outcomes) of environmental movements in the United States and other nations. This research has been funded by the US National Sciences Foundation and published in both general disciplinary (Social Forces, Social Problems) and specialty (Nonprofit Voluntary Sector Quarterly) journals. Additionally, with Dr. Phil Schwadel, University of Nebraska, I am studying the ways in which various individual correlates of support for federal environmental spending vary over time. With Dr. Jennifer Schwartz, Washington State University, I am studying change over time in the enforcement of environmental crimes by the federal government and the gendered nature of participation in serious environmental crimes.

At the graduate level I teach a course in social movements. At the undergraduate level I primarily teach introduction to sociology and a capstone research course, as well as regularly involving students in research assistantships.