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Erik Johnson Lab Site Team Members

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Additional staff employed on the project for multiple semesters:

Joseph Kramer


Project Duties: Primary graduate RA on the project for three years. Joseph assisted in managing undergraduate research assistants and facilitated data collection by running regular reliability checks and adjudicating coding discrepancies.
Currently: Joseph completed his Ph.D. in Sociology at WSU in 2015 and is now an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Luther College.

Steven Duong


Project Duties: Worked on the project for three years performing database management tasks.  Steven designed and developed an ASP.NET web application that allowed front-line coders with data stored in a SQL Server and assisted in automating the coding process.

Brian Yaw


Project Duties: Brian was the lead computer programmer on this project.  He developed an original “database translation program” used to convert text documents ino categorized databases.

Sabrina Gonzales


Project Duties: Worked on the project for three years performing front-line coding and dataset cleaning.

Caitlin Jaeger


Project Duties: Worked on the project for three years handling a diverse array of library, scanning, and front-line coding tasks.

Angela Caryl


Project Duties: Front-line coder

Daniel Sanchez


Project Duties: Front-line coder

Calin Scott


Project Duties: Computer programming.  Built a tool for linking databases containing information on nonprofit organizations across time by comparing the organization names using a Levenshtein algorithm.

Colby Johnson

Project Duties: Scanning and frontline coding.

Shayla McKee
Project Duties: Frontline coding.

Sergio Orozco
Project Duties: Document scanning

Brenda Diaz
Project Duties: Document scanning