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Manuel Garcia-Pérez Biomass Thermochemical Conversion and Bio-Refining

Research Emphasis

Biomass Thermochemical Reactions

Introduction: Our group seeks to understand the relationship between some biomass compositional parameters such as: cellulose crystallinity and degree of polymerization, content of hemicelluloses and molecular weight and structure of lignin, the pyrolysis conditions and the distribution of products resulting from their Thermochemical reactions. These fundamental studies are carried out with the aid of Thermogravimetric analysers, mesh reactors and Py-GC/MS techniques.

Modeling, Development and Testing of Thermochemical Reactors

Introduction: Our group is interested in developing and testing new Thermochemical reactors for different applications (torrefaction, pyrolysis, gasification and combustion). New reactors are being developed and tested. Mathematical models for each of the new reactors proposed are proposed and validated. Our goal is to create mathematical models that will take into account the most important primary and secondary reactions needed to explain not only the yield of products but also their overall composition.

Dr. Garcia-Perez directs construction of bio-research equipment. Photo: BSysE staff
Dr. Garcia-Perez directs construction of bio-research equipment. Photo: BSysE staff
Chemical and Physical Structure of Bio-Oils

Introduction: New hybrid analytical approaches are being proposed to quantify the chemical composition of products of Thermochemical reactions (Gases, liquids and solids). Some of the analytical techniques available in our central analytical lab are: GC/MS, GC-FID, UV-Fluorescence, HPLC, FTIR, IE, AA, TG, UV-Vis, Py-GC/MS and Karl Fischer titration.

Bio-Fuels & Bio-Oil Refineries

Introduction: New bio-refinery concepts to transform pyrolysis-oils into second generation bio-fuels are being tested in our laboratory. The concepts studied not only target the production of ethanol from the fermentation of pyrolytic sugars but also the production of green gasoline and green diesel.

Biomass Thermochemical Conversion

btccOur group is interested to evaluate the environmental impact of natural Thermochemical events such as forest fires as well as Thermochemical conversion technologies (incineration, gasification, combustion, pyrolysis). Our team is interested in the production and testing of charcoal in soils to evaluate the impact on soil properties, particularly the potential to store carbon, and any growth effect on plants.

Dr. Garcia-Perez

Manuel Garcia-Pérez

Ph.D., Associate Professor


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Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
L.J. Smith Hall 205, P.O. Box 64120
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