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Manuel Garcia-Pérez Biomass Thermochemical Conversion and Bio-Refining


Papers: 2013-14

Please see full Curriculum Vitae (pdf) for all papers.

  • Zhou S, Garcia-Perez M, Pecha B, McDonald AG, Kersten SRA, Westerhof RJM:  Effect of Particle Size on the Composition of Lignin Derived Oligomers Obtained by Fast Pyrolysis of Beech Wood (Accepted in Fuels, 2014).
  • Wu, L, Hu X, Mourant D, Wang Y, Kelly C, Garcia-Perez M, He M, Li C-Z: Quantification of strong and weak acidities in bio-oil via non-aqueous potentiometric titration Fuel, Volume 115, January 2014, 652-657  
  • Zhou S, Wang Z, Liaw S-S, Li C-Z, Garcia-Perez M:  Effect of Sulfuric Acid on the Pyrolysis of Douglas Fir and Hybrid Poplar Wood: Py-GC/MS and TG Studies. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, Volume 104, November 2013 pp 117-130
  • Zhou S, Garcia-Perez M, Pecha B, McDonald A, Kersten SRA, Westerhof RJM: Effect of the Fast Pyrolysis Temperature on the Primary and Secondary Products of Lignin (Energy and Fuels2013, 27 (10), pp 5867-5877)
  • Bermudez-Aguirre D, Wemlinger E, Pedrow P, Barbosa-Canovas G, Garcia-Perez M: Effect of atmospheric pressure cold plasma (APCP) on the inactivation of Escherichia coli in fresh produce food control. (Volume 34, 1, Food Control, 2013, pp. 149-157)
  • Sahaf A, Laborie M-P G, Englund K, Garcia-Perez M, McDonald AG: Rheological Properties and Tunable Thermoplasticity of Phenolic Rich Fraction of Wood Pyrolysis Bio-Oil. Biomacromolecules2013, 14 (4), pp. 1132-1139
  • Kersten SRA, Garcia-Perez M: Recent Developments in Fast Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Materials. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, Volume 24, Issue 3,2013, pp. 414-420)
  • Pecha B, Chambers E, Levengood C, Bair J, Liaw S-S, Leachman J, Garcia-Perez M, Ha S: Novel Concept for the Conversion of Wheat Straw into Hydrogen, Heat and Power: A preliminary Design for the Conditions of Washington State University. (International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 38, 12, 2013, pp. 4967-4974)
  • Zhou S, Pecha B, Westerhof R, Garcia-Perez M, McDonald A, Kersten S: Secondary Vapor Phase Reactions of Lignin Derived Oligomers Obtained by fast Pyrolysis of Pine Wood. Energy and Fuels2013, 27 (3), pp 1428-1438
  • Lian J, Garcia-Perez M, Chen S: Fermentation of Levoglucosan with Oleaginous Yests for Lipid Production. Bio-resources Technology, Volume 133, 2013, 183-189
  • Usman-Rahim M, Gao X, Garcia-Perez M, Li Y, Wu H: Release of Chlorine during Mallee Bark Pyrolysis Energy and Fuels2013, 27 (1), 310-317
  • Wang Z, McDonald A, Cuba-Torres C, Ha S, Westerhof R,  Kersten S,  Pecha B ,Garcia-Perez M: Effect of Cellulose Crystallinity on the Formation of a Liquid Intermediate and on Product Distribution During Pyrolysis, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, Volume 100, March 2013, 56-66
  • Hu X, Mourant D, Wang L, Wu L, Chaiwat W, Gunawan R, Gholizadeh M, Lievens C, Garcia-Perez M, Li C-Z: Acid-catalysed treatment of the mallee leaf of bio-oil with methanol: Effects of molecular structure of carboxylic acids and esters on their conversion, Fuel Processing Technology, Volume 106, February 2013, 569-576.
  • Liaw S-S, Zhou S, Wu H, Garcia-Perez: Effect of Pretreatment Temperature on the Yield and Properties of Bio-Oils obtained from the Auger Pyrolysis of Douglas Fir Wood. Fuel, Vol. 103, January 2013, 672-682
  • Zhou S, Osman N, Li H, McDonald A, Mourant D, Li C-Z, Garcia-Perez M : Effect of Sulfuric Acid Addition on the Yield and Composition of Lignin Derived Oligomers Obtained by the Auger and Fluidized bed Pyrolysis of Douglas Fir Wood Fuel, Volume 103, January 2013, 512-523
  • Zhou S, Mourant D, Leviens C, Wang Y, Li C-Z, Garcia-Perez M: Effect of Sulfuric Acid Concentration on the Yield and Properties of the Bio-oils Obtained from the Auger and Fast Pyrolysis of Douglas Fir. Fuel, Volume 104, February  2013, 536-546.

Book Chapters:

  • Pecha B, Garcia-Perez M: Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass: Oil, Char and Gas. In: Biomass to Biofuels, Elsevier Editor: Anju Dihiya (University of Vermont) (Under review) 2014.
  • Brown R, del Campo B, Boateng AA, Garcia-Perez M, Masek O: Chapter 3 : Fundamentals of Biochar production.  In : Biochar for Enviornmental Management. Editted by Lehman 2013 (Under review).
  • Boateng AA, Garcia-Perez M, Ondrej M, Brown R, del Campo B: Chapter 4 : Biochar Production Technology.  In : Biochar for Enviornmental Management. Editted by Lehman 2013 (under review).
  • Garcia-Perez M. Chapter 23 Pyrolysis. In: Bioenergy: Principles and Applications. Editors: Yebo Li, Samir Kumar Khanal 2013 (under review)
  • Laird D.A., Rogovska N.P., Garcia-Perez M, Collins H.P., Streubel J.D.,  Smith M :Chapter 16 :  Pyrolysis and Biochar – Opportunities for Distributed Production and Soil Quality Enhancement. In : Sustainable Alternative Fuel Feedstock Opportunities, Challenges and Roadmaps for Six U.S. Regions. Proceedings of the Sustainable Feedstocks for Advanced Biofuels Workshop. Edited by Ross Braun, 2011, Doug Karlen and Dewayne Johnson. (Web site)
  • Garcia-Perez M, Das K.C., Adams T.T: Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass in Bio-refineries. (To be edited in Portuguese by Wenceslau Teixeira, Brazil).
  • Garcia-Perez M: Biomass Pyrolysis and bio-oil refineries. (Editor, A. Nag Indian Institute of Technology. Introductory book to Bio-Systems Engineering (McGraw Hill Publisher, USA)