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Manuel Garcia-Pérez Biomass Thermochemical Conversion and Bio-Refining

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  • Residents Hope to Prevent Wildfire With BioChar

    September 23, 2021  |   NWPB

    Photo of Manuel Garcia-PérezHow Residents In The Methow Valley Are Hoping To Prevent Wildfire By Creating BioChar.

    Residents in the Methow Valley are applying pyrolysis to reduce an overabundance of small-diameter trees and woody debris, which has built up over decades in the surrounding forests. Pyrolysis takes this excess biomass and heats it beyond typical combustion temperatures in a low-oxygen environment. From this, the forest fuel load is reduced and carbon from the biomass stays stored in the by-products.

    Dr. Manuel Garcia-Pérez, professor in the Biological Systems Engineering and … » More …

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