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2018 Illumina NGS Reagents Grant Competition


We are hosting an Illumina NGS reagents grant competition sponsored by Illumina, Inc.  All researchers across WSU campuses are eligible to apply. The application requires a one-page abstract (font either Arial or Times New Roman 12 point) describing your research project that involves NGS.  Winners will be awarded up to $15K in NGS reagents. This amount could be awarded to one project or shared by several projects depending on the number of quality abstracts received.  The abstract should be limited to one page and will be judged by the following criteria:

1. Feasibility of the proposed project (1 – 5 points)

One point: it is impossible to complete the proposed project in one year; the goal is too ambitious.
Five points: the sequencing project is doable within the next 2-3 months.

2. Significance of the proposed study (1 – 5 points)

3. Originality and creativity  (1 – 5 points)

4. Clarity of the abstract (1 – 5 points)


June 15, 2018       Grant Proposal due date

Please send your proposal to Matt Ries at the following email address: