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PI: Richard Gomulkiewicz
Dick was educated at Wenatchee High School, Washington State University, and the University of California at Davis. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas and an assistant professor at the University of Kansas before returning to the Palouse in 1996, where he has been a faculty member of both mathematics and life sciences departments. He is currently a Professor in the School of Biological Sciences. Dick’s research area is theoretical population biology. He uses mathematical approaches to study foundational questions about how evolutionary and demographic processes unfold among interacting species and in populations facing environmental change.

Dick and the cone of shame

Current Members

  • Micki Thies (Undergraduate Honors student; Avoiding evolution of resistance to eradication gene drives)


EmilyJonesEmily Jones
Post-doctoral associate

Research focus: community coevolution
Currently: Associate Editor, Nature Communications
DevinOriginalDevin Drown
Ph.D. student with co-advisor Dr. Mark Dybdahl

Research focus: coevolution of snails and trematodes
Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
MattLabrumMatt Labrum
Ph.D. student

Research focus: allee effects and extinction debt
Currently: Senior Analyst, Reasoning Mind Inc.
Yesenia RodriguezYesenia Rodriguez
Undergraduate researcher with co-advisor Dr. Charlotte Omoto

Research focus: stage-structured population projection in beetle-parasite systems
Ph.D.: Washington State University
Currently: IRTA Postdoctoral Fellow at National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
griswoldCort Griswold
Post-doctoral associate

Research focus: Function-valued quantitative traits
Currently: Associate Professor, University of Guelph
Ben@Board.2Ben Logsdon
Undergraduate Researcher

Research focus: multilocus models of quantitative traits
Ph.D.: Cornell University
Currently: Sage Bionetworks
nuismer-196x208Scott Nuismer
Ph.D. student with co-advisor  Dr. John N. Thompson

Research focus: coevolution in variable environments
Currently: Professor, University of Idaho
mcmillan2015Amy McMillan
Ph.D. student

Research focus: experimental meta-population genetics
Currently: Associate Professor, Buffalo State College
  • Jon Aguiñaga (M.S. student, demographic consequences and evolution of partial migration; co-advisor: Dr. Heather Watts; currently: PhD student, UC Davis)
  • Claire Stein (Undergraduate Honors student; demographic impacts of contemporary climate change on Greenland sharks, the world’s longest-lived vertebrate; currently: WSU DVM program)
  • Sarah Schroeder (Undergraduate Honors student; Genotype- environment correlations and genotype-by-environment interactions; currently; Research Associate; Split Bio; Seattle, WA)
  • Kristi Billingsley (Undergraduate Honors student; demographic consequences of climate change on species with temperature-dependent sex determination)
  • Kelcey McBride (M.S. student, human milk oligosaccharide variation; co-advisor: Dr. Shelley McGuire)
  • Ricky Berl (M.S. student; cultural evolution in non-human animals; his blog)
  • Juan Ramirez (Undergraduate; demographic responses to stress)
  • Bryan Roosien (M.S. student; plant-virus-insect interactions)
  • Ben Wiedeback (M.S. student; evolutionary physiology; co-advisor: Dr. Patrick Carter)
  • Spencer Payton (UBM undergradaute: structured population dynamics; currently, graduate student in mathematics, WSU)
  • Berit Paxon-Tarnai (Undergraduate, Wellesley College: self-regulating predator dynamics)
  • Michelle Sanderson (Undergraduate: predation and pollination behavior)
  • Arras Wiedorn (Honors undergraduate: coevolution and diversification)
  • Joe Rausch (Ph.D. student; ecological genetics of plant mating systems; currently: Botanist, US Forest Service)
  • Amanda Castro (M.S. student with co-advisor  Dr. Patrick
  • Carter; Currently: Wetland Habitat Biologist, Ecological Land Services Inc., Longview, WA)
  • Stephanie Kane (Research associate: statistical analysis of ontogenetic trait evolution; Currently: Assistant Director, Institutional Research, Washington State University)
  • Erin Clancy (Undergraduate, Harvey Mudd College; Currently: Engineering consultant, Seattle, WA)
  • Hisako Kure (M.S. student; Recently: Ph.D. program at Utah State University)
  • Jim Miller (Ph.D. student;  Recently: Teacher, Port Angeles High School, Port Angeles, WA)
  • Scott Williamson (Undergraduate researcher; Recently: Assistant Professor, Cornell University [deceased])